Head Smashed In Lyrics


You could ask the sun
Freedom isn’t all that fun
A message from a drone
Broken through the megaphone

Deep in a heavy low
But we kind of deserve it

Mother isn’t pleased
Outraged her boys are rather weak
The screen is a ploy
Engage confuse and destroy

Freedom broken


I hold the rod of power
Hand of god by the hour
Food chain will never drop
Sitting pretty at the top

Feel the tide change
From the deep at your feet
See the red sky
Morning rise your demise

Angler must die
Leviathan sky

Ignorance is getting old
It’s started growing mould
Stupid human you got ill
Forgot that you were made from gills


Sinking deep muddy water
The surge begins
Came in fast without warning
Surrounded by fins

Forces said help was coming
But not for the poor
Forgotten souls on the rooftops
Can not swim

Flooded in
Prophecy Wins


I’m looking back and we’re having the time of our life
But that was that and now we’re starting over

I’ve watched for years kings at the top of their game
Consumed by fear and choke on their fortune

The pace of this race will be the end of me
So I stay, just play, for my own sanity

The mountain grows ever taller
The days I know are getting colder


From these stone walls
I’ll forge a path through the emerald falls

I hear them say
A creature comes to battle me today

The Giant’s Causeway nears
Stepping stones from the gods
A path between appears
Colossal beasts at odds

Such a force
Must be fooled with appetite of course
Within a cake
We’ll bake the iron his teeth will surely break

Our plan worked
He runs away pounding at the earth
Far from the pile
Stands alone the emerald isle


See through to you
All this got in the way

Stats don’t look good
Forget what the masses say

Days turn into years
Plans fade away

Got a grievance or two
Keep it refreshing

I feel it now it’s getting stronger
The thought of you making new
Could end me

It’s like we always knew
Paths cross anyway

If the breathing is good
In sync and progressing

Stars can lie too
Story isn’t all there

I knew that you and I could
Keep it refreshing


Look, look around
Isn’t it profound
Necks, broken necks
Evolving personal complex

Fear not my friend
We will soon be awake
Free from our mistake
Away from the screen
Find what you need
Anxious children believe

Shut, shut it off
Shake it like a bad cough
Depressed, like the rest
Constant fear of tests


It’s sinking in
It’s cutting deep
These god games
Will never see the end