About us

Ryan Forsythe – Vocals/Guitar
Cliff Thiessen – Bass/Vocals
Brandon Carter – Drums

We Hunt Buffalo create songs with hard hitting, fuzz rock grooves and psychedelic overtones. It’s a culmination of many years playing music together in a small suburb of Vancouver, Canada.

“Not only do Vancouver’s We Hunt Buffalo have an arsenal of riffs so endorphin-releasingly huge you’ll be wanting to take on wild beasts with your bare hands for suitable sacrifice, their new album, Living Ghosts soars into lush, psychedelic territories that suggest its exhilarating, aerated grooves were composed whilst riding a pterodactyl” – Metal Hammer

“We Hunt Buffalo has crafted a record with equal parts Nordic heavy and Californian sun to sound unique enough to turn heads yet remain indebted enough to their predecessors to be instantly recognizable” – The Sludgelord

“Living Ghosts is one hell of a chunky slab of heavy stoner rock. From beginning to end its packed full of fuzzed-up stomping riffs, pounding bass-lines and stadium-filing drums” – Heavy Planet

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